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The Trevi's fountain

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Connections and Public Transportation

The apartment is very well connected with public transportations. The closest metro station is "Colosseo" station in Piazza del Colosseo. In the same square you can find various bus stops, a tram - trolley bus - stop, as well as a taxi rank. The closest taxi rank is in Piazza del Colosseo, a few meters to the left of via dei S.S. Quattro. All those places are within one or two minutes walking distance. For more information or to build up an itinery with public transportation, please visit: extras >
links > A.t.a.c.

Food and Restaurants

The city center in general, and the area around the apartment are full of restaurants and "trattorie" - regional food restaurant. You can enjoy a dinner at "Pasqualino" and "Hostaria il Gladiatore". There is also a nice caffe bar (picture on the right) and a pub. In via Capo D'Africa, the street that runs parallel with via dei S.S. Quattro, there is a good fish restaurant. For a complete list of restaurants with address, phone numbers and website (when available) please visit: extras > links >

If you would like to buy some food there is a supermarket right in front of the front door and a fruit and vegetable market is via dei S.S. Quattro open during the morning only (100 m. from the front door on your right). The closest grocery shop is in via S.S. Quattro (50 m. from the front door on your right).

Some Curiosity

The building was originally a nunnery and only later it has been divied in private apartments.
According with the old partition of Rome, which divided the city in "Rioni" the apartment is located in rione XIX "Celio". The latter is the only rione that keep the name of the hill were it is positioneted.

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via dei S.S. Quattro

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via dei S.S. Quattro - market

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